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Tergeste, Hope from Trieste at the World Hockey Championship

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national adventure Giovanna Speranzaworking with blue ai world skate gamesAnd the Inline Hockey World Championship Which this year is concentrated in Buenos Aires from 24 to 30 October. In the first match against the Canadians, Italy came out gradually defeated, ready to redeem itself on the second day, scheduled for today against Brazil.

By order of Technical Commissioner Luca Rigoni, there is also Triestine born in 1996 and registered in تي From Mike Angeli, under the demons of the Vicenza girls and for a long time in the national orbit. “Proud to be able to see Tergeste represented by Giovanna all over the world. As for the progress that has been made in recent years, this invitation is certainly meritorious, which we know will be respected to the fullest and as always – comment of Chief Halberd – we will certainly encourage her for her And for our national team hoping to have a good place to be able to celebrate when he comes back.”

After losing their opening match against Canada, the Italian team will cross Brazil (Tuesday 25), Mexico (Wednesday 26) and the United States (also Wednesday) before facing the quarter-finals, starting October 27. The final match for the gold is scheduled for Sunday 30th. Currently, the title is in the hands of the French, who lifted the trophy in the Italian edition last year in Roccaraso, and snatched the gold medal from Spain.

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