Home science Teramo, Council member Verzilli: “Unsustainable traffic in the Science Park”

Teramo, Council member Verzilli: “Unsustainable traffic in the Science Park”

Teramo, Council member Verzilli: “Unsustainable traffic in the Science Park”

In a press release, City Councilor Evan Verzilli decried the traffic and parking conditions at the Science Park.

There is an obligation to report and stigmatize the problem of unsustainable traffic in Science Park and the associated shortage of parking space.

As is known, for several years now there are several offices of the municipality of Teramo in the Science Park of the Qumrana region, where the Municipal Council was also established. Unfortunately, since last October 2021, the administration unfortunately made the same complex available for the placement of the vaccination center ASL of Teramo, as a result – in addition to the cars of municipal employees, municipal officials and those of users of municipal offices – the cars of all who go to the vaccination center, because they work there, have been added And because they have to vaccinate or accompany vaccination.

The situation exacerbated the traffic load on the entire area, making it difficult to enter or exit, with the added burden of new users of the commercial area that had just settled in the same area. The most dangerous case is the lack of parking spaces, now completely insufficient to carry users, to which is added the difficulty of the road from narrow and one-way streets, as well as the lack of an exit, which is already characteristic of the area. Overburdened by the presence of health centers such as laboratories for analysis and associated regional pediatric studies.

Therefore, in reference to the objective and absolute inappropriateness of locating an on-site ASL vaccination center, given the responsibility of a very ill-advised municipal administration, I ask the management of the healthcare company to urgently rethink the location of the vaccination center – which can also be accessed from Before many citizens of neighboring municipalities – in a place more convenient for the fluidity of traffic and the capacity of parking lots.


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