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Tax Rewards: New Online Platform

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The Minister of Digital Transformation has created a new digital solution to improve the relationship of trust between the state and the citizen, emphasizing the need to create a digital strategy.

Minister of Digital Transformation: “A solution based on the new trust between citizens and the state.” On the question of skills, he emphasizes: “We need a long-term strategy.”

The Ministry for Cooperat Technology and digital transactions Announcing the creation of a new digital platform that allows access to tax advantages. The Minister Vittorio Colao, He said in an interview:

We are working on a new platform and it will be released in December to access the tax benefits and rewards for citizens previously recognized by the system. A solution based on the new trust between citizens and the state

Tax Bonuses: How does the new platform work?

The Minister Focus on all of these critical issues which can hinder innovative process from our country. according to kulao The real challenge for our country remains Develop subordinate Appropriate skills to Digitization:

We’re behind and we have a certain percentage of the population that aren’t digital experts, and that’s going to be a long-term job but it’s going to be the most important thing. We need to improve the writing of the PA, our public services are still relatively few, and this is where we must move – he noted – the next government will have to work to make these services permeate daily life”, but addressing skills and digitizing the PA will be central to the digitization process.

Public Administration: Funds for Digitization

The Minister of Digitization Rest assured that they are both subscriber The public bodies that schools have joined many of in the new project Digitization mostly thanks Create From Software to Create digital skills very Innovative. Minister Kolaw He said:

We have allocated all the funds for the digitization of the state, we are signing contracts and these days – the minister announced – we have an exceptional response from the municipalities and local bodies for the digitization of services: 92% of schools and municipalities are on board. We have created highly innovative programs in the area of ​​digital skills. We started with digital health: regions cooperate and help us. We have relaunched the Italian position in space with investment and presence. A little sorry that the delivery would be faster than expected, but it was a good balance. Italian companies have invested and are modernizing, also thanks to funds from NRP for the connection. There is still work to be done on public services which are still relatively young. We made the platforms, and now the next government has to bring them into everyday life.

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