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Tax bills, October deadlines: jot them down to avoid risk

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The outgoing government has made several bonuses available to counter the price increases that have occurred in recent months, some of which have yet to be paid. Given that there are only two months left until the end of the year, it is a good idea to summarize all the rewards that are still available.

With all the rewards laid down by the previous Draghi government, Italians are increasingly confused between the dates, the requirements and the questions at hand. The year is over, so be sure to do everything in your power to receive this financial support, not forgetting the deadlines.

All year-end bonus dates –

Rewards government

There is currently no news yet of any new bounties starting from January 2023, as the new government has not provided any news of it yet.

Instead, in the previous government, Draghi created a really impressive amount of support, to the point of confusing any recipient, often ending up missing out on the opportunity to receive help due to a lack of regulation.

Losing these bonuses can particularly affect people who have real problems supporting payments for food, utilities, emergency expenses, or basic necessities.

October, November and December 2022 bonus.

Superbonus 110 expires September 30 for renovations made to single-family homes and all work completed by that date (at least 30%) will be able to enjoy the discount until December 31, 2022,

November 30 is the last day for independent VAT figures who still have to apply for the €200 bonus, stipulated in the aid decree bis. Moreover, those with an income of less than 20 thousand euros can also request a bonus of 150 euros, included in the DL assistance, in order to receive a lump sum of 350 euros.

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Bonus dates in December
December Bonuses –

Towards the end of the year, there are several deadlines to consider, in fact, until December 31, it is possible to request a discount of 60% on expenses incurred for business that fall within the facade bonus.

The same useful date by which companies can distribute bonus bills to their employees, amounting to paying up to €600 directly into the paycheck, to increase the purchasing power of their workers by allowing for lower payment of bills and food expenses.

Also in December, a part-time bonus of 550 euros will be available to those who have worked in part-time jobs in 2021.

There will also be a transport bonus, which pays off 60 euros as a contribution to the cost of the monthly or annual pass for public transport.

The Architectural Barrier Reward makes it possible to recover 75% of the expenses for interventions aimed at removing architectural barriers.

The Furniture and Home Appliances Bonus allows you to recover 50% of your spend with a maximum of 10 thousand euros, which will drop to 5 thousand in 2023.

Finally, there is the first home bonus for those under the age of 36 which provides for exemption from paying taxes for those who fall within the age and income limit (up to a maximum of EUR 40 thousand ISEE).

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