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Tatsumaki skin from One-Punch Man, release date and price –

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Blizzard has unveiled the third skin One Punch Man for Watch 2: it is about Tatsumaki It is dedicated to Kiriko. Previous skins were Saitamana (for Doomfist) and Spatent Rider (for Soldier 76). The bundle will be available in the in-game store from March 7th to April 6th.

Announced via Xbox Wire. the Tatsumaki packages Overwatch 2 costs 2,100 in-game coins and, in addition to the outfit, includes a victory pose inspired by the One-Punch Man character and a name card.

Speaking to Xbox Wire, Artistic Director Deion Rogers explaining how One-Punch Man became one of the first major crossover events of Overwatch 2. Rogers said that while the team was talking to several animation studios about the possibility of a crossover, when One Punch Man grew up several members of the team, including him, expressed Game Director Aaron Keeler for their love and excitement for the game. One artist was so excited about the idea that he began drawing pictures of Saitama Doomfist during the meeting to discuss the crossover.

Tatsumaki skin in Overwatch 2

Rogers also talked about the majors Difficulties encountered in drawing some skinswe talk about how there are certain silhouettes in Overwatch 2. “Doomfist, for example: how does Saitama get a cape. We never give Doomfist a cape, in any of the skins, so that’s his silhouette, the shape players are used to seeing,” Rogers said.

KirikouOn the other hand, she adapts quite easily to Tatsumaki’s shape and design: her wide skirt is a regular element of her silhouette.

Finally, here is Saitama’s appearance in Overwatch 2.

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