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Tap water, never drink it in these places: You feel sick | Very high risk

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Tap water, be careful drinking it here. Never do it in these places or you will get very sick.

In many Italian families, thanks to the great calamity, Economic and social, which are still very strong in our country, and which are urgent Price increases Which affected all sectors, including the food sector, which chose to save and not buy waterfall In the bottle but to drink it From home tap.

Still others do it just for the sake of it The question of ethics. In fact, they can't stand dealing with them Lots of plastic bottleswhile widely recognizing the fact that this material, which is now ubiquitous, is certainly not only the best Our health But also from thatenvironmentwhich go hand in hand.

to be sure, the glass It is healthier, but in many cases it is preferable to eat some of it Empty bottlesWhich we can buy from the supermarket or in Specialized shops In household items that are very popular today and there are also a lot of them AdvertisedWe fill it with water, either from home or what we can collect from famous people Water points Which many municipalities provide to their residents.

Tap water, never drink it in these cities or you will get sick

Here it is recommended, for the good of everyone, that Do not exaggerate the quantity, while respecting everyone. Moreover, there is often also a tempting opportunity to do so So I consider it brilliant. The truth is that its quality is pretty much the same quality that we can find with the quality of our home with the difference that, by not allowing it to flow into our home, This will not affect the water consumption on your bill.

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That's why we often notice people from other areas of the city or belonging to another country behaving and behaving smartly Huge cacheBottles galore, if not actual demijones. However, they should definitely avoid doing so not only because of the above-mentioned ethics issue, but also because of it In some cities Tap water won't be the best For our health.

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the truth

In reality There are no cities that are more or less safe ever in our country. What matters is that'Aqueduct Where the water comes from is always well controlled and clean. Then our house pipes should be In very good condition. If they are not, we must necessarily take action by introducing them also into the taps Specific filters. If you are in Turkey, India, Morocco, or Mexico, it is better to drink it in a bottle because it may be contaminated.

Then many found it The water in your home is too heavy. In fact, it appears that this is not the case and that this can only be a consequence just a suggestion. However, nice examination regarding The presence of limestone This should be done because he could be the reason for this Bad feeling.

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