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Super Mario, John Leguizamo slams casting: ‘It’s holding back’

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John Leguizamo Talking about casting options for Universal’s new Super Mario movie, Slams the step back The directors did their best to cast a primarily Caucasian cast. The actor had lent his voice to Luigi in the 1993 movie.

John Leguizamo not suitable. And he seems to have his valid reasons, too. At the premiere of his latest movie, The Menu, the actor returned to talk no one The most controversial decision in Hollywood LAST PERIOD: Chris Pratt has been cast as the voice of Mario, the popular Nintendo video game protagonist. The actor didn’t really criticize his co-star’s skills however A step back from 1993 When a Latino actor was chosen to dub Luigi.

while you are in America TheListen to the Italian dub of Super MarioHowever, the way Pratt played the character seemed to be the same It did not impress the masses. Skipping the question, John Leguizamo commented on the selection’s racial selection compared to 1993: “Directors Annabelle Junkel and Rocky Morton LThey fought so hard for me to be the protagonist Because I was a Latino guy, and they [lo studio] He didn’t want me to be. They fought and it was a breakthrough. It’s annoying to see it all come backthe actor admitted.

Despite the criticism, the Universal Looks like it’s about to come out now. Wouldn’t it be strange that you have New trailer at the Game Awards, to honor the return of the Super Mario character. what do you think? Tell us about it in the comments!

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