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a energy sector Intimidating, as small as it is functional in minimal space, it has you covered. No more devices scattered all over the house, now you can connect what you need in one place and without restrictions.

With the current offer you can not miss it, Call now on Amazon And buy it before it’s too late. Make sure you take it home with you 14.99 euros.

Shipments are, as always, free and fast throughout Italy with Prime Services active in your account.

The power strip is as small as it is excellent: 5 sockets to use as you wish

with 5 entrances At your disposal you have no problems. In fact, this power strip avoids the disruption of sowing thanks to the absence of wires and its limited dimensions. Your available number:

  • 1 multi-purpose socket;
  • 2 bivalent sockets;
  • 2 USB ports To use it as you wish.

In this way, you can charge your technical devices without using the power supply and take advantage of other inputs of different home appliances or products. After all, you only need to have two cables available to be able to restore a battery Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and wearable devices and so on.

energy sector

Don’t worry because it contains a file Integrated security system Which avoid overheating and short circuit so as not to be exposed to various problems. Plus, it’s so small you can put it anywhere you want, even behind a nightstand with no problem at all.

what do you think? The purchase is as simple as it is useful in the home.

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energy sector

Put this space-saving multi-use socket in your cart now that it’s on sale on Amazon, you’re paying very little and you’ll have no problems. with For only 14.99 euros you will get it.

As I told you before, shipments are completely free and fast nationwide with an active Amazon Prime subscription on your account.

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