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Submarine Titan, The Simpsons episode has anticipated it all. viral video

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Incredible prophecy. “It happened again,” reads the caption accompanying the video of The Simpsons episode which retraces, or rather predicts, what happened next to Titan’s submarine. Matt Groening’s animated sitcom seems to have predicted the future again. The video of the episode predicting a dramatic end to the OceanGate submarine, which catastrophically exploded in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, has spread on the Internet.

In the past, the animated series predicted uncommon historical events that actually happened. Just think of Donald Trump’s presidential race and the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This time, the Simpsons might have expected the disappearance of the submarine Titan, whose goal was to explore the famous ruins of the Titanic. The two “offensive” episodes of the series are: “Simpson Tide” and “Homer Paternity Coot”. In the beginning, Homer becomes the captain of a submarine. But in the second, the father of the protagonist’s family takes the car and goes to visit a shipwreck to retrieve treasure belonging to an old relative. However, unfortunately, when it comes time to reappear, something doesn’t quite go right. Homer fails to return to the surface and is low on oxygen. Then he wakes up in the hospital, reassured by the love of his loved ones.

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The content of the episodes of the cartoon series is very similar to the sad adventure of wealthy travelers who died after boarding Titan in the Atlantic Ocean due to a ship crash. On the web, many users are posting, sharing, commenting, and retweeting this episode of The Simpsons. Although the latest news indicates that the five people on board are sure dead, many web-goers are hoping the sitcom will bring good luck and the outcome of the sad story can be rewritten.

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There is another link between the state of international news and Homer’s story. Mike Reese, one of the original writers for the series, said he took part in one of the explorations organized by OceanGate about the Titanic. When he got involved in the adventure, the car ran into serious communication problems with the mainland. “Diving into the Titanic was a once-in-a-lifetime thrilling and majestic experience, but disaster was always near in your mind,” said the writer.

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