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Streamer spends $6,600 but doesn’t even get a 5-star legendary gem –

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Twitch Streamer Quin69 spent a live broadcast 10300 NZDequivalent to about 6,600 US dollars or 6,200 euros, dated Immortal Diablofree-to-play Blizzard title, Without getting a legendary gem– Items needed to fully upgrade the character.

During the live broadcast, the operator spent $25 each time to see what he could have achieved with a huge investment. As mentioned in the opening, he wasn’t so lucky at all and we can see his “slight” frustration in the clip below.

Despite the Diablo Immortal’s “pity” mechanic, which guarantees an Epic Gem for every 50 Epic Badges, the chances of finding a 5-star Gem are still pretty low. Of course, in this case Quin69 was very unlucky in spite of everything, but it is also true that this only confirms the estimates given by the community, which according to a character upgrade to the max in a Blizzard title, takes approximately $110,000 or ten years . From the game without putting your hand in your wallet.

Diablo Immortal’s monetization system was heavily criticized by the community prior to its release, as it was considered very predatory and grumpy in character development, even when compared to other free-to-play titles.

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