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Store food according to this exact chart You can save space and do not risk compromising your health

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The refrigerator is full of food, and it is also arranged incorrectly: an example not to be followed – (Image Canva)

Properly storing food is important to ensure food safety, because it prevents the multiplication of microorganisms

In the kitchen, we can store food in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer, depending on its type. In general, let’s fix it In front of what should be consumed first It’s more At the bottom are the foods with the longest expiration dates.

foods Frozen foods Must be placed in Freezer Until the moment of consumption. When we freeze home-cooked foods, seal them Airtight containers or disposable bagsWrite a label with the freezing date.

Foods that can be stored a Room temperature – Such as pasta, rice, bread, biscuits and other baked goods, dried legumes and canned goods – should be stored in Food storagewhich should be a Place away from sources of heat and lightBeside Dry and fresh. Once opened, some of these foods should be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container, according to label directions.

Out of the refrigerator Exotic fruits, citrus fruits, and unripe fruits and vegetables should be preserved and stored at room temperature.

Refrigerator: how, where and why

the Fresh and raw products I am Lost It must be taken within a few days; In the meantime it should be stored in it refrigerator. The internal temperature of the refrigerator must be sufficient; First, place it away from heat sources such as an oven or radiator and don’t overload it with too much food, otherwise the cool air won’t be able to reach all of the food.

Important precautions to avoid Cross contamination And Separate raw foods from cooked foods Avoid placing them on the same shelf in the refrigerator: placing food in the refrigerator incorrectly is one of the main reasons for this food poisoning.

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Pantry for storing non-perishable foods – (Canva image)

One refrigerator, multiple temperatures

In the Central shelf From the refrigerator the temperature should be around 4-5 degrees And therefore I am Top shelves It will reach a temperature 6-8 degrees: On the central and upper shelves we will store eggs, dairy products, desserts with custard and cream, cooked foods and those that must be kept in the refrigerator after opening.

the Lowest shelf – The point above the drawer – is the coldest point in the refrigerator, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees Celsius 0-2 degrees; Here we will store meat and fish. In the The stairs Below instead – where the temperatures are 7-10 degrees – We will store fruits and vegetables at the lowest cold point in the refrigerator (if doorwith 10-15 degrees) We will put drinks and butter.

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