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Stopping Gasoline and Diesel Engines: There is an Agreement

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EU policy aims to give a “green turn” to combat the objective environmental degradation of our planet

Detrofont. Now in full compliance with the wishes of the European Commission, which has long wanted an end to the production of internal combustion engines from 2035. In the end, the announcement of the Minister of the Environment changed the initial position.

Electric cars (web source)

In fact, we’ve been recording for months Dictations from Brussels. The car market has largely sided (or perhaps resigned) with the hardening of Europe, which was 2035 Deadline for the abandonment of internal combustion engines. EU policy aims to give a “green turn” to the fight against the objective environmental degradation of our planet.

After the initial resistance, car manufacturers do their best in a bad way. And it is a continuation of the announcements about the diversion, about the upcoming new models. Sometimes even with advance appointments of times that satisfy Europe.

Now, however, too Adaptation is one of the most important countries in the eurozone. In fact, it changed what was announced only a few weeks ago.

Stopped until 2035

That’s why Germany sticks to the Fit for 55 . climate planbanning heat engines from 2035. Changing course for the German government which, on the other hand, seemed quite intent on keeping the keel straight.

Electric cars (web source) 2
Electric cars (web source)

The decision was announced by the Minister of the Environment, Steffi Lemke, who denies and actually overcomes the position taken a short time earlier by his colleague, Minister of Transport Volker Wesing. For environmentalists, the element decided by the German government is an important element of clarity in the direction the European auto industry should take.

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In fact, from many parts The Italian government is asked to follow the path set by GermanyWith the end of the sale of cars with internal combustion engines. In short, for many, the era of the internal combustion engine should be closed without reservations. Roll up our sleeves to speed up the transition to fleet electrification.

But at the moment, in our country we are sailing in sight. In fact, the Minister of Energy Transition, Roberto Cingolani, has so far set the date of 2035 as evidence only. But the pressures abound. Also because, according to data from the public authority ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), road transport in 2019 was responsible for 23.4% of the total national carbon dioxide emissions (68.7% of this vehicle load).

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