June 2, 2023

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Stock markets today, april 3. Oil jumps after a sudden cut in OPEC production. New Btp Green is coming

Avary Square continues to be positive, oil is above $80

Piazza Affari continued to rise during the session on a cautiously positive day for most European stock exchanges. The lists are supported by energy stocks, which rose sharply after the OPEC+ decision to cut oil production by 1 million barrels per day starting in May. Milan rose 0.4%, on par with Paris, London rose 0.6% while Frankfurt showed little movement. Wall Street futures were mixed, with the Nasdaq down 0.7% and the Dow up 0.3%. Eni (+4.3%) Tenaris (+4.2%) and Saipem (+3.7%) in Piazza Affari Bankers are also doing well, led by Unicredit (+2.8%) during the start-up day of the buyback. Government bond yields rose slightly, amid concerns that higher oil prices could fuel inflation, with the cost-based interest rate rising to 4.13% (+5 basis points) while the spread with the 10-year note widened 3 points at 183. As Wall opened Street, Oil is close to gains 6.5% with WTI breaking through the $80 a barrel level again, at $80.59, and Brent near $85. The Stoxx index of energy stocks jumped 4.4%, with Total and BP up 5% and Shell up 4.5%.

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