November 30, 2023

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State aid declaration: a simplified procedure for filling out

State aid declaration: a simplified procedure for filling out

A little over a month after the application deadline (scheduled on 30.11.2022) A new model for self-advertisement State aid, which companies that have received assistance from the so-called “mass system” must send to the Internal Revenue.

Although many experts have already completed the compilation of the RS and RU parts of the 2022 income models, trying to harmonize the data indicated in them and those of self-certification, one can only consider the choice of financial management as positive . Simplifying fulfillment is redundant.

The Measures Signed yesterday, 25.10.2022, The agency director approves the new version of the document with some changes that make it easier to compile, but may force a new submission of the income form.

In short, the changes are as follows:

Please note that the simplified assembly is my choiceSo the declarant can still fill out the self-certification according to the normal procedure (insert aid in Part A).

Submitting the self-declaration with the updated form and the simplified collection method Allowed as of October 27, 2022.

taxpayers who have Already submitting a self-declaration using the previous form is not required to resubmit the form in the new version.

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