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Starfield is “really cool,” says actor Stephen Ford –

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starfield Will be “Really, amazing”as mentioned beforeActor Stephen Ford On Twitter, in response to a discussion he launched himself about the new game Bethesda, in which – according to some rumors – he acts as a voice actor.

The case began with a cute tweet in which Starfield symbolizes the formidable figure of Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen (with the face of “Chad Guy”) that stands out in another profile compared to his small size, which would represent Game Awards 2022. The message seems clear: For Ford, the fate of the new giant Bethesda game will be at the upcoming edition of The Game Awards.

Obviously the thing led to the appearance of one DiscussionOne user pointed out that despite all the hype around it, it will still be a bug-packed game like Bethesda’s, according to this game. Ford responded directly to the tweet by simply saying “No, that’s really cool.”

The question obviously says nothing about the game itself but does raise some questions: the fact that an actor of a certain renown has revealed himself in the first person to praise Starfield suggests that he has some connection to the game or at least has seen it in some form, which introduces the idea that he could To be part of the production, maybe like Actor’s voice.

On top of that, this kind of emotional engagement seems to give good signals about the quality of the game, after it prompted a cast to have a discussion on Starfield on Twitter, even going to respond to critics. Anyway, we’re looking forward to concrete news about the new Bethesda game, which will apparently arrive during the game’s Xbox & Bethesda Expo. June 12 2022when we’ll likely see Starfield in action, after new interior photos surfaced in recent days.

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