Home entertainment Star Wars: Auxiliary introduces Rebecca Henderson as Jedi Vernestra Roe

Star Wars: Auxiliary introduces Rebecca Henderson as Jedi Vernestra Roe

Star Wars: The Helper

During the panel dedicated to the series based on Alta Repubblica alla Star Wars CelebrationSome exciting news has emerged of the casting of one of the most anticipated shows Disney + to star Wars Soon, incl star Wars: the assistant. We learned that the actress Russian doll Rebecca Henderson He will play a character from Star Wars: Supreme Republic Vernestra “Fern” Roh.

In the books, Vern was one of the youngest Jedi ever and held the position of Padawan Stellan Geos. The warrior Merialan was completely devoted to the Jedi Order, but struggled to adapt to adults, even setting a good example for younger Force wielders. Henderson will be playing a more realistic version of the character, and as you can see from the image below, she’ll come out completely different.

All we know about him star Wars: the assistant

star Wars: the assistant It is the television series advertised as part of the franchise star Wars created by Leslie Headland. The TV series takes place at the end of the High Republic era before the events of the major films star Wars.

star Wars: the assistant The film is set at the end of the High Republic era in a world of “dark secrets and emerging dark side forces”, some 100 years before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999). The former Padawan reunites with its Jedi master to investigate a series of crimes, but the forces they encounter are more sinister than they expected.

in the cast TV series The Ansar are Amandla Stenberg As a former Padawan, Lee Jung Jae like Jedi Master, Manny Giacinto, Daphne Keene like a young jedi, Judy Turner SmithRebecca Henderson As Vernestra Rwoh, a Jedi Knight prodigy. Charlie Barnett like a young jedi, Dean Charles Chapman, Carrie Ann Moss like jedi, Margarita Levieva, Jonas Sootamo As Kelnacca, Master of the Wookiee Jedi.


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