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Square Enix: It was 20 years ago that the two companies merged

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the April 1stin addition to being a well-known history of fish, is also marked by another anniversary in the field of video games: it is, in fact, the day that Squaresoft merged with Enixcreating a real Japanese RPG giant in Square Enix.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of that date: the merger between Square and Enix took place on April 1, 2003, to be exact. 20 years ago. From the point of view of Japanese users and fans of Japanese products, especially in terms of role-playing games in this school, it was an event of great importance.

Squaresoft has historically aimed for Final Fantasy but has also been in the midst of a creative expansion towards new intellectual properties, while Enix represented the classic history of the JRPG with Dragon Quest. With this union, a giant was born that brought together the two most important series in terms of Japanese RPGs and the Japanese market in general, with important ramifications on a global level.

Moreover, while Squaresoft was primarily a publisher focused on video games, Enix was a company operating in various entertainment fields, including manga, anime, and other products belonging to different sectors, thus expanding the scope of the fledgling Square Enix.

Square Enix then continued its expansion reaching into the acquisition of various western teams such as Crystal Dynamics and Eidos, to make a net cut and then resell overseas divisions to Japanese divisions just a few months prior.

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