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Spider-Man director Kevin Smith reveals his favorite

Spider-Man director Kevin Smith reveals his favorite

Each of us has our own Spider Man Favorite, it’s a topic that has no end in sight, especially if it’s at the end Spider-Man: There is no room for home We’ll also see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield with costume owner Tom Holland. But who is Kevin Smith’s favorite?

Every generation over the past 20 years has achieved Your live version of Spider-Man on the big screen. Kevin Smith revealed which of the three Spider-Man is his favorite by speaking on the latest podcast from Fat Man Beyond Life. Smith jokingly put aside fears that Holland might no longer wish to play a role in the future.

“I don’t care, just keep doing it. Make me happy, it’s not hard. That’s it, it’s a big compliment because boy is so good. He was my favorite Spider-Man… Please, do this. Please keep playing this part.” All these years where you can do other things, Give us the best years of your life to play Spider-Man“.

When Smiths co-host Mark Bernardan points out some of the reasons the Netherlands might do so You don’t want to keep playing Spider-Man Smith said he understands that going forward but does not want the actor to leave the costume. “He has to train and keep fit all the time… I think there’s a downside. You always think ‘Ah, there’s money and you can be Spider-Man’, but the idea of ​​how you have to train so hard is hard… I don’t think about what he wants, I think what I want. I want you to keep playing Spider-Man.”

Fortunately, one new spiderman trilogy It was announced by Aimee Pascal so we’ll see Houlan in action again. The actor revealed it No Way Home was the funniest movie To achieve this, the stress and tension were more manageable after the previous two successes. Spider-Man: There will be no way home in theaters from December 15, 2021.


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