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Spezia, Maldini and Kovalenko Day. Then space for the exits and the new goalkeeper

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Today is going to be a very hot day for him spices. Via Melara Club is about to close in front of two new signatures to present to Mr. Luca Gotti, the former Viktor Kovalenkovery close to returning after last year’s loan, e Daniel Maldini, with which a general agreement was reached. The midfielder will arrive on loan with the right to redeem, which will become an obligation when certain conditions are activated, such as the Ukrainian’s presence in the white shirt, in the amount of approximately two million dollars, while for Daniel MaldiniOn the other hand, the negotiations were more “complicated”. The Ligurians, who had always been the main choice despite Verona’s courtship, attempted to introduce a redemption clause, giving Milan a choice. buy backimmediately rejected by Rossoneri, willing to sell the son of art only on a temporary basis. On a temporary basis, the operation will be closed, with the 2001 chapter expected to be visited today in the city for visits.

Now space for the exits, then the new goalkeeper
But if two entrances are now closed, there are hours of waiting in Spezia’s house for even two exits, namely Evan Providel and that from Giulio Maggiore. The captain’s situation has become significantly complicated in recent days: the agreement between Spezia and Turin for the sale has been in force for some time, five million, but the official offer of grenades has not yet been made, which makes the administration of the VIA impatient. Melara. As for the goalkeeper, on the other hand, there is still complete agreement with Lazio, which through bonuses is trying to bridge the gap between supply (3.5 million) and demand (5). If Maggiore’s stalemate is likely to continue, Providel’s next few days will be his last in the Spezia shirt. With the farewell of the former Empoli Friulian, the door of La Spezia opens, which he identified in Bartolomeg Dragovsky Designated heir. Guti had already chosen the pole as his favourite and the goalkeeper himself would have given his approval: once Operation Provedel was completed, Spezia would close parallel negotiations with Fiorentina, to be then able to focus on what are likely to be the last two strikes: a more central and another striker.

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