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Space, the historic first docking of a manned Starliner shuttle to the International Space Station

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Milan, June 7. (AscanNews) – With a distinctive entrance resembling a rock star, astronaut Sunita Williams preceded her commander, Butch Wilmore, into the International Space Station to join the Expedition 71 crew.

Their journey is considered a milestone in the history of space conquests because it is the first flight and the first docking on the International Space Station of the new CST-100 Starliner space capsule built by Boeing, to accompany space in transporting astronauts to and from the orbital base. As part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

A flight not without some excitement due to three helium leaks recorded by the shuttle before launch and during the 25 hours of orbital readiness of the International Space Station, even if they were not of concern and were always kept under control by the crew and the ground support team.

The Starliner vehicle will remain docked at the ISS for approximately two weeks, during which all scheduled tests, some of which have already begun during flight and during the docking phases of the space station, including some manual experimental maneuvers, will be performed for final confirmation. The shuttle as a space “taxi” for astronauts.

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