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Bologna, March 22, 2023 – i French They do the shopping in the province Bologna Promises another Italian franchise. hand change veroa gem in the padlock sector, sold by Innocenti family In the Multinational sfpi It imposes different reflections on the Italian economic system. Of course, this process will allow Viro to grow from existing processes 16 million euros in turnoverTo expand abroad and rely on new investments with positive effects on employment. good newsBut the first question is: Why don’t Italians buy? Or rather, why not invest? In Emilia-Romagna now, large operations are carried out by companies with foreign roots or foreign-owned Italians. Looking back on these last few days, for example, one notices how extraordinary the numbers of Lamborghini And Ducati It has German traction power, as well as super investment Philip Morris to Bologna They were definitely not designed in Italy; Again, the Ferretti Yachts Focusing on shipbuilding a Ravenna They have a Chinese heart, and the NTT computer scientists who are always hiring under the two towers are Japanese. And what about the Italians? Not received. This land is full of ideas and talent, and the brands born and raised here prove it, but a certain entrepreneurial drive may have been lost. Unfortunately, a new generation of entrepreneurs does not appear in the window of the economy. And not because of impotence, but perhaps because of the chronic Italian disease, leaving no room for the youth. Here, on the other hand, there will be a need for more openness to emerging managers, new employees who can offer innovative ideas and above all take risks, often winning. An outdated entrepreneurial class like ours inevitably leads to preserving what has been built without further payment. Let’s think about it. To prevent our companies from slowly thinking only in a foreign language.

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