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Sorrentino’s disappointment at the European Academy Awards. Vince Co Vadis, Aida? Concerning the Srebrenica massacre –

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From Valerio Capelli

The Italian director received three strong nominations. Female dominated edition. Best Actor Anthony Hopkins for “Father” (for which he has already won a Hollywood Oscar)

Italy disappointment. The wings tattooed on the shoulders of German actress Annabelle, who presented the European Oscars with a lively and intimidating atmosphere, made Yasmila Zpanek fly but left Paolo Sorrentino on the ground. It was God’s hand It garnered three strong nominations (but the Little Hollywood Statues continued to be shown). Sorrentino was in the video link for the duration of the event, and it was less clear and lengthy than usual. But the air he pulled, given the afternoon silence of his entourage and Netflix’s co-production of his animated autobiography (the story of a 16-year-old boy infatuated with Maradona who lost his parents in a petty domestic accident), would have been left empty-handed.

The 1995 Srebrenica Massacre won Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress with Jasna Durek. The Sarajevo-born filmmaker dedicates the film to “the victims and the mothers who taught us how to turn destruction into life,” and thanked the recently deceased Lena Wertmoeller “who paved the way.” At the title Aida works as a translator and feels safe at the UN base, but when Serbs pressure around her workplace rises, and massacre imminent, she must reach safety with her family.

And for the second year, due to Covid, the European Academy Awards were held online, from Berlin, the headquarters of an event with a strong and comprehensive “political” flavor (Hollywood document).

Favorite Actor Anthony Hopkins (was also the only absent candidate online) dad by Florian Zeller (also won as screenwriter). It’s the movie that actually won Hopkins an Oscar, as an elderly person with senile dementia who finds himself living in a home cage, his mind unable to adapt to the present, realizing the traits of the life he leads but not bringing them together, lost in tics drowning in the void of knowledge.

Special Awards for two directors, present in Berlin, Danish Susanne Behr (“My father was born here in Berlin, and this award is proof of the resilience of European cinema”), and London’s Steve McQueen for TV series small ax (“I dedicate it to the victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire,” about which a film was made.)

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