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Sony’s Jim Ryan doesn’t take a stand on abortion rights and talks about dogs chasing balls –

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staff Sony They showed some bewilderment when reading an internal email from Jim Ryan On the right to abortion, where the CEO simply urged respect for differences of opinion, without taking a stand with or against.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony

More precisely, he wrote:We owe it to ourselves and the millions of PlayStation users to respect the differences of opinion among everyone in our internal and external communities. Respect does not mean approval. But it is important to us as a company and as a global brand.“But the problem is not with that, but with the fact that he then dedicates five paragraphs to the birthdays of his two cats and the desire to have a dog.

In short, Ryan did not want to influence the company he ran in the Roe v. Wade, with the US Supreme Court attempting to overturn it to undermine the right to abortion, but wanted to tell everyone that:Dogs are man’s best friend, they know how to stay put and perform very useful tasks, such as biting thieves and chasing balls that are thrown at them.

Of course, part of the staff did not like this message, which seemed to be a mockery, moreover on a very sensitive issue, or, to say to my friends, as a kind of supercazzola, this is a way of not directly addressing the subject by talking about something that has nothing to do with him and is also not Perfect fit. In particular, women read a profound disrespect for their rights, to the point where an employee declared that she had never been angry at a cat’s birthday.

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