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Sony has solved the “problem” of the news section –

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As reported by a user on NeoGAF, it appears that Sony has Solve the problem” (as long as you want to specify it this way) from PS . Store. In fact, the digital store offers a section dedicated to AdsOr the latest published games. But the point is, this section was flooded with low-quality mini-games.

One problem with digital stores, when they make it easy for independent developers to publish their games, is that they are inundated with low-end, low-priced games, often designed to attract gamers looking for easy prizes (and there’s a video game that mocks this practice, and it’s just coming to PlayStation) . PS Store also suffered from this problem and News sectionmanaged in chronological order, was practically useless to find the best games released recently.

Now, as we confirmed via PS5, we can see what the section is Sorted by number of downloadsTaking into account the latest games released. This way you can immediately see the best games (or at least the ones that have attracted the most attention) of the past period, without having to go through dozens and dozens of “fake” video games. Below you can see an example shared by NeoGAF showing the current menu in the US version.

PSN, news section

this is solution There’s probably a risk of being overwhelmed by those newly released high-quality independent films that fail to quickly become bestsellers, but it’s probably a better way to run the news department than the previous one.

Tell us, do you think the PlayStation Store highlights the best games available enough? Even the lesser known “little pearls”?

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