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Solar energy for everyone, here is the photovoltaic flower that follows the sun and can be installed anywhere you want

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during a visit toIveco Industrial Village (which we will talk about shortly), we also found a certain object in the outer area adjacent to the parking lot. What do you see in the pictures? Smart Flowera photovoltaic system Produced in Austria, designed for all situations in which installations may be complex or ineffective, or for temporary events, given the speed of intervention necessary: Only one hour of time.

Very simple concept. Smart flower petals, made of photovoltaic cells, In the morning they open and orient themselves towards the sunand then Follow it during the day. Not only for the right direction, but Also with the flower axisSo you always have the best possible offer. It is an ideal solution when the ceiling of the house does not have the correct orientation, or when there is a shortage of space due to the formation of vaults.

Smart Flower

The base form has a file Declared power 2.3-2.5 kW, which may seem small, but unlike regular stationary panels, it has perfect steering for several more hours during the day. L ‘manufacturing company Even recommend it to some Building caseswhen only a small balcony or flat roof is available, or perhaps in a public park that is not normally used.

Smart Flower

And in the case of strong weather events? The creators of Smartflower have thought about this too, with Automatic closing of petals In the case of winds above a certain speed, usually 60 km / h. base model price around €12,000, but can also reach €25,000 for the best variants. Like all PV systems, it can benefit from a 50% state incentive, with tax deduction or credit transfer.

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