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soccer. The new Asd Gangi makes its debut in the match against Old Glories

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Through a friendly match held at the Estadio Francesco Raimondi between old glories and new promises and a show in Piazza del Popolo, the ASD Gangi team that will play next year in the first category tournament was presented on Friday 25 August. President Antonio Carmisano’s team will be coached by two old acquaintances of Sicilian football, Nino Bongiorno and Nicolino Seminara. Mayor of Gangi Giuseppe Ferrarello also attended the ceremony.

The match played yesterday afternoon in Francesco Raimondi, between the young players of Asad Gangi and the old glories of US Gangi who drove fans crazy in the 1990/1991 season, was a real blast from the past of the whole island, winning the Interregional Championship (Serie D). The match was officiated by former referee Salvatore Secco. Years later, he wore the red and white shirt: Giacomo Storeali, Nino Colisano, Giuseppe Scafuso;

Defense line: Giuseppe Ferrarilo, Vincenzo Salerno, Francesco Migliazzo, Antonino Bongiorno, Pino Barreca, Carmelo Domina, Antonio Scavuzzo, Vincenzo Randazzo, Santo Quattrocchi.
Midfield: Lino Alesso, Eno Clemente, Alvino Zafora, Aurelio Special, Tanino Sutil, Tanino Bati, Antonio Mochiaro, Pietro Randazzo, Fortunato Giaconia, Nicola Seminara, Pino Scafuso.
Attack: Pietro Mochiaro, Toto Lo Vecchio, Carlo Farinella, Sebastiano Scopperto, Toto Nacilo. Coaches: Enzo Ferruta, Lucio Di Ganghi, Giovanni Rappa.

Then last night, in Piazza del Popolo, the Lions of Ganji team, which will play in the first category championship, was presented.

The team consists of: Giuseppe Savasta, Claudio Di Giangi, Damiano Macaluso, Giuseppe Russo, Gaetano Trapani, Santo Copolino, Diego Castrogiovanni, Mario Lomoro, Antonio Bevacqua, Rafael Muchiaro, Michele Barreca, Marco Brocato, Giovanni Blando, Renato De Giangi. , Michele Farinella, Eduardo STORIALI, Gabriele Regattuzzo, Samuele Muchiaro, Andrea Duca, Santi Duca, Matteo Manetta, Ignazio Paterno, Simone Mochiaro, Santo Salerno, Santino Salerno, Marco Sotil, Giuliano Restivo, Matteo Ducola, Giuseppe Castrogiovanni, Enrico Brocato, Francesco . Atinasi, Antonio Salvo, and Mario Sirio.

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The new Asd Gangi project has been launched – says its boss Antonio Carmisano – A project that starts from the local youth and the surroundings, the idea is to strengthen our players. Primary support will come from the old footballing glories of Ganji. He concludes by saying that our project is open to all, and I invite fans and enthusiasts to extend a helping hand to us and cooperate“.

It was a celebration of sports and football – Mayor Giuseppe Ferrarello said – I am happy to see a comparison of two generations of footballers, it is certain that the many local youths who make up the ASD Janji team will be able, under the guidance of two expert coaches like Bongiorno and Seminara, to bring enthusiasm back to football in Janjitan.“.

The event was organized by Asd Gangi in collaboration with Usd Atl├ętico Gangi and the contribution of the Municipality of Gangi.

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