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“So I create the worlds of the Iron Throne”

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From Bellaria to Montreal, here’s the digital animator behind the “Game of Thrones” franchise. The 33-year-old intertwines art and technology to create parallel worlds Luca Chiari He went to Canada with his wife in January. Now he will light the fire of the dragons by animating the spectacular flights of the fantasy television series followed by millions of viewers around the world.

Famous history

I am working on the previous episode of “Game of Thrones” series “House of the Dragon” which will be released on Sky on August 21st in Italy., explains the 33-year-old. “A story with new characters and set 200 years before the last chapter”. A professional path has its roots in childhood, when he followed the cartoons with the acronyms of “Cristina D’Avena” in addition to the Disney series “Chip and Dale Special Agents “”, precisely his latest work was published. Disney + Last May. In this regard, he admits that he did not expect such success: “If I had told me 10 years ago that when I grow up he will work in his favorite films and series, he would not have believed it. In any case – he comments – the road is still long ».

Luca Chiari

Big sacrifices

It is certain that he saved for a long time and diligently pursued a dream, saying, “Be able to study, and reach the goal before six years.” He hasn’t gone to his head, he says, thanks to family and friends, but above all to his wife who “supports him and puts up with him”. Following his career, he recalls his first experience in a small Milanese studio, then moving to Treviso at a former classmate’s virtual reality project company to take care of the animations of the presented interactive virtual reality short film “Vajont”. At the 77th Venice Biennale. He then applied to Technicolor Academy, “an organization that owns some of the most important special effects and animation studios for films around the world.”. Can’t say too soon: he was admitted and graduated, and after a period as a freelancer in Germany, got an offer from Technicolor to work at MPC in Canada, where he lived for 7 years with “great opportunities and unstable climate”. Months “Romagna regrets the diet” . Either way, each place is ideal for improving one’s skills in his profession: knowing how to observe and study “how and why anything moves, even by observing the scenes of everyday life.” Meanwhile, dreams bloom in the drawer. “I hope to be able to work on one of my favorite stories, ‘Star Wars’”Agrees in conclusion.

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