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Sleepy Hollow, the remake is happening! New details revealed about the new Headless Horseman movie

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Another great classic of literature and seventh art is ready to return as a protagonist: let’s talk about it Sleepy hollow myth (Also known as The legend of the sleeping valley And Sleeping Valley), published For the first time in 1820 Many amendments were invalidated over the past century. In fact, a new version of the story is in production Washington Irving The director shared the first details.

He’ll take care of it Lindsey Anderson Bearthe screenwriter is all set to make her directorial debut with another great cult hit like Pet Cemetery: Bloodlines – Introduction to a story King Stephen Its trailer was unveiled recently. The series will come on Paramount+ In a few days, but during an interview with Collider she also talked about the remake of the film Sleepy Hollow. It seems that the two projects will be guided by the same principle: «It’s the same thing we do with Bloodlines, when I was rewriting it, I kept asking myself, “What else do I wish I knew about Pet Sematary as a fan?” What questions are not answered in the book? What parts are not explored in the films?».

The source of the article added:It’s so rich and once I started researching the Hudson Valley and its ghost stories, I was hooked». So the new adaptation will explore the classic tale further It is set in 1787 in the Dutch colony of TarrytownIn Sleepy Hollow Valley. The book follows a story Ichabod Cranea school teacher finds himself dealing with The legend of the headless horsemanThe specter of the American Revolutionary War.

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First transfer on screen It dates back to 1908Then followed another film directed in 1921 Etienne Arnault. So, here’s Disney with The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadA 1949 feature film containing the two mediums The wind in the willows And The legend of the sleeping valley. I then move on to 1999, when the TV movie was first released and then Sleepy Hollow to Tim Burton with Johnny Depp And Christina Ricci.

After another animated film in 2002, here it is finally A television series produced by Fox in 2013 It ran for four seasons, until 2017. Now it’s time to rediscover the ghostly atmosphere of Washington Irving’s novel. Are you ready to do it?

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