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Simulation on the invoice: what is after the decree – the numbers

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Although the Draghi government has just approved a new €6 billion measure to mitigate the cost InvoicesIn the first half of this year, households and companies still have to deal with a massive increase of 33.8 billion euros.


This is an estimate Cgia from Mestre: In fact, the increase in the cost of electricity and gas bills is equal to 44.8 billion euros, of which 11 billion euros must be abolished, which are the comprehensive mitigation measures approved by the government for 2022. Therefore, out of 33.8 billion, in the first quarter, the increase for households was equal to 7.7% and 14.7% for companies but with dilution we come to a net increase, respectively, of 3.9% and 13%. Unfortunately, increases are also expected to grow in the second half of the year: in the second quarter, in fact, Cgia estimates that households will spend 5.1% more and 11.9% companies are already considering mitigation measures. Finally, in the third quarter, the increase in households will be 8.9% while business will be +24.9%. In short, from a first estimate, last night’s custom action mitigates the increases but does not avoid a blow to the portfolio.

‘We need to be more consistent’

Although in this first half of the year the Draghi government has spent €11 billion to dampen increases in energy prices for households and businesses, the increases in bills are so important that the balance remains to be paid anyway. scary AverageOther European countries such as Spain and France, for example, have imposed limited increases for short periods while Poland, Portugal, Greece and Estonia have offered discounts or even total abolition of tariffs, putting them entirely at the expense of the state.

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Then there is always the problem of energy: Italy depends too much on the outside, and it is necessary to increase “Gas production in Italy and continue on the path of investment in renewable sources“, added the craftsmen of Mestre. The measures taken yesterday that we dealt with at are not enough for families and companies, as evidenced by the numbers just checked.

Unlock Nord Stream 2

One solution, according to Mistre CGIA, could be the opening of “Nord Stream 2”, a new pipeline that will allow Russian gas to reach Europe via the Baltic Sea bypassing Ukraine. “A decision that, in addition to the immediate positive economic effects, would also ease the tension and the winds of war blowing between Moscow and Kiev.‘ concluded the experts.

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