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Silent gathering in memory of Giulio Regeni

Silent gathering in memory of Giulio Regeni

On Wednesday January 25, a silent meeting is held to remember the figure of the Friulian scholar Giulio Regeni, who was murdered in 2016 in Egypt, at the entrance stairs of the Palazzo Kodachi Pisanelli of the University of Salento, in Viale dell’Universita. The event will take place near the place where, on the 29th of April two years ago, a yellow bench was installed, intended for the unfortunate young man, upon which a memorial plaque was placed, wanted by We publish valuable ideasAnd Talks about the future And Lecce City GeneralWith the participation of the lychee department Amnesty International In cooperation with the Capital Municipality.

On the occasion of the silent assembly, which will culminate at 7.41pm, the time when Giulio Regeni sent his last message before disappearing, as will happen in other Italian cities, many yellow candles will be lit. Below is the announcement by the Mayor of Lecce, Carlo Salvemini.

“Julio’s story is not only the tragedy of a young scholar who finds a bad story in a country hostile to freedom and dissent. We’re not here just to remember the quality of his commitment, his truest interests, and the beauty of his years, brutally interrupted. This story is more than that, it is a story that questions all of us as citizens, that questions our country and its government on the subject of human rights, democracy and guarantees of freedom that should inspire our country’s decisions, starting with relations with the outside world. Countries. It asks us about our place in the contemporary world. As long as there is impunity for Julio’s executioners and murderers, it will be our duty to be here to keep the light on. Many of us, citizens, bodies, associations and organizations are determined not to be silent and not to forget.

Sociologist UniSalento, Delegated to Communications, Stefano Cristante, adds: «A few days after Giulio’s disappearance, we immediately joined the international campaign for truth and justice in connection with his death. We later decided to dedicate our Ph.D Humanities and Social Sciences To the memory of the young researcher wishing in this way to honor his short life which he spent studying and understanding social inequalities and injustices. A stele with his name has been placed for five years at the entrance to the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, in the Studium 2000 complex, welcoming students and staff to our university every day.”

Also on Wednesday, January 25, the transition to the research doctoral year is celebrated which will conclude, before the meeting near the yellow bench, with the reading of some excerpts from the book “Giulio fa Coz” (Feltrinelli) written by parents Paola and Claudio with the lawyer Alessandra Ballerini.


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