Home Economy Should you keep Telepass or not? Here are the pros and cons of the end of ‘Monopoly’

Should you keep Telepass or not? Here are the pros and cons of the end of ‘Monopoly’

Should you keep Telepass or not?  Here are the pros and cons of the end of ‘Monopoly’

Until recently there were no doubts or alternatives. But today is it better to keep Telepass or not? objective of the situation.

I take increments announced by Telepass and for many motorists it’s time Choose.

It is worth keeping Telepass
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The The company’s Telepass service is no longer the only service on the market There are alternatives to consider. Such as Unipol Movewhich is offered to enter the market 6 months of free rent. But there is no shortage of new offers and packages Motorcycle BonusAnd the Cashback & Pay Per Use To be exploited with the “old” graphic operator.

Perhaps the only “flaw” is that Announcing increases From Telepass has come away Summer vacation is near. People who have decided to “give up” the way of paying highway tolls find themselves somewhat difficulty. Let’s see why.

Should you keep Telepass or not? how to cancel

Even today, if the need arises helpTelepass customer can go do Cancellation in many Blue dots are scattered all over Italy. But now this service has stopped since the first of last June. Who wants to send Terminate the contract You will have to do this from afar. Perhaps not everyone has “confidence in IT”. However, the Telepass Toll Free 800.269.269From Monday to Friday from 9 to 17:30.

It also appears that a file “Flood” practicesand many motorists “reported” Delay in concluding the contract. With the consequent inconvenience They cannot activate it with other suppliers with service.

Let’s not forget that then If the transceiver is not returned (with A/R registered) within 25 days, take one A fine of about 25 euros. In short, these are inconveniences that should not happen just before summer trips.

Telepass promotions

Since it will (most likely) be difficult to withdraw from the contract, Better check if you can take advantage of offers of the moment. Along with the increases, in fact, Telepass created a series of BenefitsAnd the For both existing and new clients.

Really there is a lot incentives To activate the automatic tariff with this company. for example, Until September 30 You can get Cashback Both exist supplies From fuel Of the electric packs of vehicles. Or again, it is obtained Free tickets for public transport or car wash Straight Until August 30 and all September 30. Then there are cash discounts or even richer cashback If you are using Telepass for Pay the vehicle stamp or check it.

Let’s not forget it, Just like the new UnipolMovewith Telepass it can be exploited Pay-per-use option. practically, You only pay for the month you use the ServicesAnd the Activation is free until July 15th.


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