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Shooting in a New York subway: 29 wounded, investigated for terrorism

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The person identified is 62 years old

Frank James

. He has posted “disturbing” videos online about homeless people and New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

In the photos posted on social networks you can see differently

People on the ground, assisted by other passengers, panic scenes on the platform

. The images also show traces of blood on the floor of the station in front of a parked subway car. The moment the shooting started

Some of the injured had jumped on a train

who was running away. According to the New York Police, “fortunately” things did not go any further. The suspect shot.

33 shots at least

One was found at the crime scene

Glock pistol

17 by 9 mm as well



Mayor of New York

Eric Leroy Adams

He continues to follow developments in the shooting and warns residents: “As we gather information,

We ask residents to stay away from the area

“No explosive devices were found in the subway,” his spokesman said.

different lines

between Brooklyn and Manhattan,


. The Metropolitan Transit Authority announced this on Twitter.


Schools in the Brooklyn area have been placed under security

No one has the right to leave and only those who study there can. This was stated by the official spokesman for the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile there is also

The FBI has arrived at the crime scene

. Cause shooting already

Also alert in other US cities

Security has been enhanced particularly in Washington, where there is no real threat at the moment.

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According to CNN, which cites police sources, New York law enforcement agencies are looking for a

U-Haul Truck with Arizona License Plates

. Police also warned that “the driver could be dangerous”. The truck was rented on April 11th in Philadelphia. The rental agreement states that the reservation was made on April 6. The vehicle was due to be received on April 11th at 2:01 p.m. According to the reservation, the rental was for two days.

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