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She asks for disabled stairs and the government proposes euthanasia

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ROME, Dec 5 – He asked the government for electric stairs for the disabled, and he answered A proposal for euthanasia: This happens in civilian life CanadaDisneyland of Rides and the heroine – despite herself – is Christine Gauthier, a former member of the army, disabled by an injury sustained during military training and turned Paralympic champion.

Euthanasia is distributed like sugared almonds

Compromise one’s health and spend years serving the government until one is thanked A “sweet death”, certainly less of a burden on the administration’s coffers, which, according to some concerned officials, avoids spending public money on a person who cannot even walk. Make way for the talented! Gowther, retired Corporal Yar Competed in the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics In 2016, she testified in Parliament last Thursday about the incident, saying a social worker with Veterans Affairs Canada gave her the option of medical euthanasia, complete with state-provided equipment. there CBC. “If you are so desperate, madam, We can provide you with maid serviceMedical assistance in case of death,” the government employee read the letter to Gauthier.

Trudeau: “Unacceptable”

The case created a sensation in the media Trudeau’s dismay He described what happened to Gauthier as “absolutely unacceptable”. “We’re reviewing and changing protocols to make sure it’s clear to all of us: Veterans Affairs Canada needs to be there to support and provide assistance to those who have gone out to serve their country,” he added. Prime Minister of Canada. Gauthier is apparently in good company: last week Senior Defense Minister Lawrence McAulay said this For at least four Canadian military personnel The euthanasia option was granted by a VaC service agent and is now suspended. These cases were referred to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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Canada has long legalized euthanasia for “persons with chronic conditions, diseases or disabilities, who are in a state of irreversible decline and who are in intolerable physical or mental suffering, who are acceptable to the patient, and whose death is presumed to be fatal.” can be reasonably predicted”. To date, approx 10,000 Canadians commit medically assisted suicideThe number has been steadily increasing since the epidemic began.

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