April 24, 2024

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Sesto San Giovanni, Hockey: AC Devils, much less under 13 and 11, and a little less under 17 and 15

Sesto San Giovanni, Hockey: AC Devils, much less under 13 and 11, and a little less under 17 and 15

Over the weekend that just ended, the boys under 13 and 11 warmed up their engines in light of the start of the championship in tournaments outside the region and made up for the less-than-great performances of the top teams.

Does not openunder 17 Which in Renon gives way to Ritten/Caltern. The team formed by Diavoli – Milan – Como – Chiavina plays well in the first two halves, closed 3-0 to the hosts, then falls in the third and accepts an 8-0 win over Ritten/Caltern.

defeat also to under 15 years old, who lost in Usta 8-3 with the wrestler Usta. The result does not affect the satisfaction Coach Tomo Hefner The performance of the group, cohesive, compact and growing: “They were the favorites on paper, we made a good start and never gave up – he comments -. Unfortunately, we paid for a short seat. The team that played, we focused on the value of the group and not on the individual player.”

The excellent performance of the seven demons under the age of 13 refreshes the spirits who co-starred with Claudio Franceschini, dressed in the jersey of the regional representative of Lombardy. Here is Sporting Director Fumagali’s comment at the end of the day on the occasion of technical training: “The boys who were selected had the opportunity to play against the best athletes in Italy; it was a great experience. They did very well, playing two matches at the highest level and coming close to an excellent finish in the tournament.” Thank you to the committee and the technical staff for giving us this opportunity.” Merit note for Diego Calistriawarded as Best goalkeeper in this event.

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demons testunder 11 Co-starring Pinè. After a grueling start, the young Rossoneri grew match after match. “We had some initial difficulties and then improved – he comments Cusin . coach – The boys did what I asked of them, and played as a team. We are laying the foundations for growth and improvement, with an emphasis on group cohesion.”