Monday, March 4, 2024

Serralunga d’Alba: Bus Stop

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In Serralunga, works have been completed on the access road to the cemetery from the Cerretta-Bricco junction with the construction of an additional large space for tour buses. In late spring, the intervention will be completed with a single asphalt carpet that will affect the entire vehicular path. In this way, the municipality has a new and large parking area that can be used not only for funeral services, but also for tourist events in the city center (as a possible satellite car park, a twenty minute walk from the center). Mayor Sergio Moscone adds: “If a new regional call comes out, we will submit a request again to improve and widen, with new parking spaces, the road upstream from the cemetery towards the Santa Giulia Tower.” In addition, with regard to public lighting, the first plot of land was built in the locality of Bruni, with the improvement of the integrity of the entire regional section up to the entrance to the road to Perno di Monforte. In addition, a new lighting point has been placed in the village in San Bernardo to enhance the cross visibility of “Colereto”.

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