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A few days ago, after a long period of waiting and rumors, the iPhone 14, the new reincarnation of the smartphone according to Apple, finally hit the market. The new device brings with it several innovations at the hardware level, including for example a significantly improved camera, the introduction of Dynamic Island, which manages at a software level to hide the notch of the iPhone 14, and is perfectly integrated with the smartphone notification system.

Unfortunately, there were some problems with the back camera of iPhone 14 Pro. In this case, using the camera to shoot video through third-party applications (and therefore not the original application made by Apple), Videos will be a little shakywith unpleasant tremors.

The reports of these faint videos will come from the famous international forum reddit. In particular, this will be the use of some applications such as Instagram and Snapchat, which use the iPhone 14 camera for new stories or new posts. Other consumers who own the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models will also experience this flickering issue in the iPhone app. tik tokThis significantly degrades the user experience.

Most likely, this problem stems from the fact that the developers of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok respectively will not adapt their applications in a way that is compatible with the new cameras of iPhone 14, which leads to these unpleasant jerks.

According to other versions, on the other hand, This problem lies instead in optical image stabilizationOne of the new features introduced recently in the iPhone 14, which allows you to get still shots, despite the seemingly sudden movements of the user using them. It is possible that this installation system has come into conflict with third-party applications, resulting in the appearance of these annoying jerks that ruin the user experience.

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Causes of the problem

camera 2

It’s clearly one Other software and hardware issuesAnd that’s why you don’t have to worry, as Apple engineers can fix it smoothly as future updates come out.

Our advice for now, after all, is Take advantage of the original app to shoot video with iPhone 14and confidence in the software fix in the future we are sure it will not be long.

At this point we just have to wait for any communications from Apple, which almost certainly will arrive in the next few weeks or months, with the introduction of a new firmware that fixes these issues with third-party apps.

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