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Serie C Calcio – Mantova, five players still in the hole. Market: Simiri and Bukalun, it’s about

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Mantua Yesterday Mantova returned to training with a double session. Activation in the morning and offensive solutions. At noon activation and tactical match.
Five players rested: Benton, Missouri, Garbudo, Guccione and Ceresole. The situation had to be monitored daily for the first two with physical ailments, while the technical staff gave the other three a day off so as not to load too much. This morning, the last session of 2022. Among other things, Guccione will miss the Novara match scheduled for January 8th. And who knows if, by that date, the sporting director, Alessandro Battisti, will no longer be able to strike the ball in attack. In the past few hours, contacts with the entourage of Ricardo Boccalone and Simone Simeri have intensified. Barring exciting surprises, Mantova will choose one of these. Cimmeri seems very convinced by Mantova’s proposal, but negotiating with the striker currently in action at Monopoli has yet to get to the heart of the matter. The same goes for the Venetian under Trento who made it clear to his agent that he wanted to stay close to home, given that he had recently become a father. It’s time to toast the new year and the transfer market has officially started. Meanwhile, Mantua prepares to explode.

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