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MacBook Pro M2 heats up to 108 degrees by throttling, not fusion –

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The MacBook Pro M2 He has a big problem with High temperaturea lot to reach 108 degrees Then to the throttle, so as to keep the system from possible damage. This is clearly not the best for a laptop that costs more than 1,500 euros.

Throttle is a processor safety mechanism that automatically lowers the clock speed when the system temperature reaches the Tcase. In this way, the user is informed that there is an overheating problem that must be carefully monitored.

The analysis was conducted by Vadim Yuryev of Mac Tech, who also discovered other problems with the new MacBook Pro, such as slow release with SSD 256GB, which is worse than the previous version (which had two 128GB SSDs). The overheating issue was recorded by exporting a Canon 8K RAW video. This is a very tedious task for the system, but no Mac has ever reached such a temperature, not even one with an Intel SOC.

According to Yuryev, one fan is not enough to cool the system and it will take at least two. During testing, the MacBook Pro M2’s fan ran at 7200 rpm, which is the maximum speed, but there was nothing to do: the M2 had to lower the clock from 3200 MHz to 1894 MHz in order to get comfortable. Heat, lagging behind the GPU, which went from 1,393MHz to 289MHz.

Of course, the issue was also reflected in the benchmarks, which were worse than those of the M1 Pro, which we remind you back in 2020. One wonders at this point how the fanless MacBook Air M2s can cool enough. Perhaps future tests will reveal to us.

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