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Sclafani, football engineer. Griffin engine of miracles

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Francesco Paolo Sclafani died. The engineer died at the age of 98. A man, a gentleman, a gentleman, who for decades marked the history of Perugia in many sectors, including red and white football, has died. Sclafani was a strict, balanced and always kind manager, a gentleman of the highest diplomatic skills, who had been director of Enel’s headquarters in Umbria for thirty years, and had been part of the great Perugia dei Miracoli as well as holding various positions. He also served as director of APM and participated in other cultural and association initiatives, which earned him the recognition of the Bayoko Doro Award bestowed upon him by the municipal administration. In Perugia football, Francesco Sclafani was for many years at the club that made Grifo great, along with Franco Datoma and Spartaco Gini. The historic manager of the great Perugia Miracles, the team that wrote the history of Perugia football in the Italian League stadiums, and he was part of the delegation that went to Bergamo to receive the young Ilario Castagner, who was coach of the Primavera team, signing the contract.’Atalanta.

Even later, Scalvani never left Perugia. In fact, he was also the architect of Luciano Gaucci’s arrival at Grifo, when football suffered in Perugia after the death of Franco Datoma. From a phone call with the Romanian businessman, a meeting ensued and the beginning of Gauci’s new adventure in Perugia. But in recent years he has returned to narrating his long life in red and white.

In fact, the day he spent at the Grifo Museum for the “Gli unbattibili” event organized by the Red and White Club six years ago, which saw him as the protagonist alongside Ilario Castagnier and Pierluigi Frosio, was an unforgettable day.

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We spent the afternoon telling stories and life together with two other great champions of unbeaten years, in front of the many fans who always adore those extraordinary feats of heroism.

Perugia Calcio remembers him with a note: “President Massimiliano Santopadre and the entire red and white club mourn the passing of Francesco Paolo Sclafani. My deepest condolences to his wife Maria Antonetta and his sons Marco and Olderico.”

The funeral will be held today at 3.30 pm in the cathedral.


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