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Scientific research and publishing at any cost. Against fake studies and fraud, she created a journal

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“there Forgery, In scientific research, it can harm patients, distort evidence, waste economic resources and damage the trust placed in science,” he says. Fiona Godley Manager British Medical Journal (bmj). In today’s scientific landscape, we find ourselves compelled to develop a critical sense towards what we read, without embracing what is suggested to us as true. Over the past few years, interest in Spread Motivated by fraudulent scientific articles published in reputed journals. This focuses on the credibility and righteousness of a publishing methodology that is now outdated and tainted by abuses and interests.

The question is howMoral integrity Part of the scientific community. To encourage this fraudulent approach, there is a concept thatAuthority of scientific journals on the basis of the number of citations their articles receive and, thus, the validity of a scientific article is related toIndexing from the magazine you publish. As a result, the researcher’s prestige also increases with the number of his publications and citations.

All this prompts a staccato rush toward the massive mass Scientific publishing At the expense of quality through launching mechanisms aiming to follow the game publish or destroyusing arguments the current or even worse Confusing Scientific data and findings are inclined. When it is manipulated or invented, the scientific production of the researcher becomes beneficial to the researcher onlycareer advancement And for self-referencing and gaining credit in the scientific world, which leads to changing reality to the point of compromising scientific development and knowledge of the discipline.

The factor of influence that the Dutch university has given up on hiring and promotion decisionsare the introductory words of the article published by natures In 2021 AD The cry of rebellion towards a now degenerate mechanism; With the intent of depriving the inevitable collective and individual power of ruling over a numerical index (L’impact factor), in favor of scales based on true merit. In support of this position, Prof. Peer O. Seglen Explores the problems of using the impact factor and the H-index as a means of evaluating scientific research in a study conducted by the Institute for Studies in Research and Higher Education.

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In recent years we have seen a exponential growth The number of items returned or disputed. Between 0.5% and 20% of articles appear to contain “problems,” reports Enrico Bucci, a researcher in complex systems biology. The reasons that can lead to the withdrawal of a scientific article go back to manufacturing, Forgery or plagiarism, often motivated by a conflict of interest to gain career advantages. the last case He’s the one who posted it Lancet In the tumult of the Covid-19 period, the article was published in 2020 and pulled shortly thereafter. The author, Professor Mandeep Mehra, Harvard Cardiac Surgeon, made a firm point in refusing to useHydroxychloroquine As a medicine to treat COVID-19.

allegations Unreliability From the results of work and data inconsistency transferred by guardian, The investigation highlighted the impossibility on the part of the authors to guarantee Power of your studies. The resonance of the science media influence that arose led to an inevitable distrust of scientific research which made it difficult to recruit patients willing to test the true efficacy of a drug, thus putting an end toscientific development. “As editor of a scientific journal, ensuring the integrity of what we publish is probably the most difficult task for me,” complains Howard Bauchner of Boston University and director of gamma.

Even more discrediting is the fraudulent vicious circle of economic compensation which revolves around posting a file paper Corrupting and undermining the transparency and integrity of scientific work. The gimmick is well hidden behind the forensic Expenses from publishing.

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As a corollary to what was said, the world’s first scientific journal was started plastic surgery restorative: Open access and peer review And above all at no cost to publish, the Reconstructive and reconstructive plastic surgery. By setting the goal of marginalizing this form of corruption To the detriment of science, the journal succeeded for the first time in bringing together all the Italian scientific societies in the sector, becoming official body For the Italian Society of Microsurgery (Sim) and the Italian Society for Reconstructive and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (Sicpre), as well as the partner of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Aicpe) and the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SIM).

How do Editor in Chief affiliate Prrs Magazine I hope that this step will be accepted by the entire scientific community and may be a spark formerit evolution In the field of publishing and scientific publishing.

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