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What's up? No, dance and you will lose weight. It is the science that calls on those who have problems with their scales to put on their shoes and descend the slopes in large numbers. According to a meta-analysis that took into account 10 studies, in fact, danceIt is effective for fat and weight loss in overweight and obese peopleIt causes a noticeable improvement in body composition and shape – the authors write, explaining the results of their work in the journal PLOS ONE – due to its high efficiency and the greater sense of pleasure it provides to those who practice it. Therefore, it can be a useful sports intervention for weight loss.

The analysis was conducted by a team of Chinese scientists from the College of Physical Education of Hunan University of Science and Technology in Xiangtan and from the Center for Innovation and Transformation in Clinical Research of Zhangjiagang First People's Hospital in Suzhou. Task: To review available research on the effects of dance-based interventions, compared to natural lifestyle patterns, on body composition in overweight people. With the progress of social and economic development, experts believe that “obesity has emerged as an important and urgent problem in global public health.” Many studies indicate that it is a chronic condition – related to diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease – that is complex and multifactorial, closely linked to factors including environment (including social and cultural), genetics, physiology, metabolism, as well as psychological aspects. .

The impact is on daily life. To prevent, mitigate and treat the risks of obesity, exercise, especially structured physical training, remains one of the main therapeutic methods. Regular aerobic activities performed every week can effectively facilitate…

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