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Science has finally been able to explain its origin

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the origin of the universe It is a subject in which science and religion sometimes confuse or suspect them. This is because they simply do not treat them in the same way. But the one thing they have in common is the same question: Where did it all begin? Obviously, the history of the universe is central to understanding our own history as well. What remains for us to understand is whether this really is the case Science can seriously give us answers.

We know that It started 13.8 billion years ago We can confidently describe how the young universe evolved from a hundredth of a second After the Big Bang, although there are some important gaps in history that we still have to fill. Things get more complicated when it comes to birthdays.

Science, the possible explanation for the origin of the universe

Like us, the universe also has parents like our ancestors etc. We can trace this continuity back to the first organism, what we call Our last common ancestormost likely bacteria Lived more than 3 billion years ago. The only accepted scientific explanation is that Life must come from no life. It arose at least 3.5 billion years ago from the increasing complexity of Chemical reactions between biomolecules found in the primitive earth. If the origin of life is so mysterious, then the origin of the universe is even more so.

The universe, by definition, includes everything that exists How can everything come from nothing? The task of science is to develop explanations without recourse to divine intervention. The problem in philosophy is known as The first reason. He was born without a source that preceded him. Science operates within clear conceptual boundaries. To explain the origin of everything, Science must explain itself. To do this, we need a new method of scientific explanation. Current explanations for the origin of the universe are based on two main pillars: General Relativity and Quantum Physics.

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Combining the two is perfectly reasonable, given that the entire universe was small enough in its infancy Making quantum effects matter. The entire universe may have arisen from a random fluctuation of energy, a bubble of space that emerged out of “out of nowhere”, which is the amount physicists usually release empty. In fact, emptiness is an entity full of activity, where Particles appear and disappear like bubbles in a boiling cauldron. To define space, we must start from several basic concepts, such as space, time and Energy savinggravitational and physical fields.

but, These predictions about the early universe are based on what we can measure with our instruments and use current models of high energy physics. These models are also based on what we can measure and what we consider a reasonable extrapolation. Science is still unable to definitively explain the origin of the universe. What it can do is provide templates describing possible scenariosThese templates are excellent tools that we can use Pushing the limits of knowledge In earlier times, hopefully, observations and data will guide us even further.

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