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Science and fun for an extraordinary experience

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to naples, It is located in the heart of the historical center of the city Unusual attractionEducation and fun at the same time. Let’s talk about Museum of Illusionslocated in the suggestive setting of Church of Crocelle ai Mannesi. Here, it is possible to find about 70 installations that show how the perception of reality is, in many cases, illusory and misleading.

Naples, the sea for everyone: on Via Caracciolo and in Bagnoli there are free umbrellas for the disabled

The Museum of Illusions in Naples is a fun and educational experience

The Museum of Illusions in Naples is located inside the Chiesa delle Crocelle ai Mannesi, on the corner with Via Duomo, in front of the very famous fresco by Jorit depicting San Gennaro. Here we can live An extraordinary experienceinteresting and attractive at the same time: it is a place that entertains and amazes the viewer, teaching this vision is Perceptual They often separate themselves What the human brain understands.

Fundamentals of physics, scientific applications, and theatrical constructions trick the mind, Distorted truth.

Inside the Museum of Illusions in Naples it is possible to learn, experiment, laugh and photograph Many images to share with friends. In short, much more than is generally permitted in a museum.

A fun and educational experience at the same time, which will do the trick Doubt your sensesOptical illusions can make us see things that our brain does not understand. Thanks to the many attractions within the museum, it will be possible to learn a lot about perspective, perception, psychology, and science. What happens if the senses indicate a conflicting perception of reality to the brain? How does a person interact with this stimulus? Is there an objective reality? The installations of the Museum of Illusions in Naples provide answers to all these questions.

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