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Science and Cinema starring Salvatorelli « Umbria’s online newspaper

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First prize in the Ursula Grohmann competition is a European project dedicated to film workshops. Marcian students from the scientific secondary school The Salvatorelli Moneta Omnicomprensivo Institute asserts itself in the province of Perugia, but also outside the national borders. The fifth grade B students of the Marcia High School were the best in the competition dedicated to the professor, the full professor of pharmacology at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Perugia and the world-renowned researcher, who recently passed away. It was an article about a Korean course, which students produced for Section “Science is beautiful when you look at it fully”, To determine success and earn a reference to the following incentive: “A complete paper, consisting of an essay and video that explores a topic in biochemistry, also provides an educational version and highlights Gertie Teresa Radnitz-Curie,” the first woman to be awarded the 1947 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Students, under the guidance of Teacher Carmela Issa, Project Liaison and Patrizia Artegiani, Liaison for PlexusShe chose a subject related to her fifth year in the natural sciences program, studying the metabolic integration between skeletal muscle and the liver in the recovery of lactic acid from exertion. From Perugia to Europe, for another great experience. It was the occasion The Erasmus + Ka2 Ciak project, which saw the fourth grade of Lyceum as champions. The boys from Marciano hosted the same age groups as three partner schools coming from Spain and Portugal.

The European program “Educational cinema for the development of skills of teachers and students”, in which Marciano students have been participating since October, states: Carry out educational and laboratory activities based on the relationship between cinema and teaching in Stem, and the disciplines of the scientific field (science, engineering, physics, mathematics). The project relates to the use of cinema in teaching and the prompting of high school students from Marcia to conduct a week of commuting at Esprominho’s partner school in Braga, Portugal. An exchange completed last month, thanks to 18, between students and teachers, who arrived in Umbria and also in Marciano, from the partner schools: Students of the Portuguese Institute Esprominho in Braga and children of the Spanish Institutes at Ies A Pinguela in Monforte de Lemos and Ies Axati of Seville.

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“In conjunction with the teachers and children of these schools – an explanation from the Marcia Institute – activities related to the use of cinema in various teachings, together with various moments of discovery of the beauty of the territory were carried out in the cities of Perugia, Assisi, Todi and Orvieto. The working group also investigated The relationship between cinema and art and some technical aspects related to cinematography thanks to the intervention of Marsian screenwriter Diego Trovarelli. The municipal administration, represented by Deputy Mayor Andrea Bellati, also received the Spanish and Portuguese delegations, during a meeting in which the students presented their works to a delegation from the Umbria Film Commission. “

The project represents – as said by Principal Francesca Gopi – a strategic environment for the training of our students, also in light of the goals and skills that the school must guarantee for their future integration into the world of work and civil society.” The activities of the Erasmus project will continue in the coming months, where two other movements will be expected: one towards Galicia, by Italian students and teachers, and the other also in Italy, where teachers from all partner schools will participate.

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