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Schedule, Channel and Live Streaming ATP File 2022

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Russia-Canada on TV tonight: Schedule, Channel and Live Streaming ATP Cup 2022

Daniel Medvedev – Photo: A.NEVADO

The Russia Playing his cards against Canada, In order to reach the finalATP Cup 2022. After victory at the end of the first edition of the tournament for national tennis teams and rejoicing in the Davis Cup, the Russians are looking for three; North Americans, for their part, rely on two extraordinary talents, such as Felix Agar-Aliasim and Denis Shapovalov, to try to destroy their opponents’ dreams of glory. Daniel Medvedev and Roman Safiul will try to consolidate the power of their shots, as they have done harm to France, Australia and Italy in the teams. The Russians are certainly backward, but beware of the frantic young Canadians on the Australian exterior concrete.

Players of all teams


Prize money

Italy Calendar

Matches are valid Russia-Canada, Semifinals, to be held in the arena Night between Friday 7th and Thursday 8th January, starting 03.00 Italian time earlier. Live coverage of the events will be proposed Super tennis (Channel 64 and Sky 212 of Digital Terrestrial), live streaming via the official website and the SuperTenniX operating system. And more Sky Sport Owns the rights to the competition and offers watching TV and streaming via Sky Go and NowTV. guarantees real-time updates

Russia-Canada Plan (night between January 7 and 8)

Not before 03.00 – Safiulin vs Shapovalov

To follow – Agar-aliasim vs Medvedev

Follow – Doubles competition must be defined

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