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Satisfied fans: “There will be a sequel.” Official news, the cinema has already stormed

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Here is the official news that many fans of cinema and comics have been waiting for: a much-anticipated second chapter will be created

The Cinema International will be experiencing a period of great anticipation. The official announcement of the arrival of a cinematic operation that will surely attract half the world to theaters has arrived recently, in a time scale that has yet to be clarified.

Cinema hall (ANSA Pictures)

In recent years, superhero films and comic-related productions have virtually hit the box office. Marvel movies or DCoften filled with high-ranking actors and dedicated to heroes with extraordinary powers.

This movie talks about comic book characters, but in a melodramatic way, almost on the side of the villain. We refer to jokera hugely successful film with Joaquin Phoenix As a clown Batman opponent.

Movie Todd Phillips She came out in 2019 and won huge acclaim for her original interpretation of this.villainFrom comics. And he narrated to him about his rise to fame and his first respectable and then evil intentions jokereven before meeting Batman.

Joker sequel arrives: the news has been made official by the director

Very positive reviews and great success with the audience for joker. But the news that arrived a few days ago created more anticipation and excitement among fans of the saga Batman. In fact, it has been officially announced that a second chapter has arrived in the cinema.

It will be produced soon Joker 2! The director made her known Todd Phillips. The American author, famous for bringing the Hangover saga to life, announced on his Instagram profile that the box office hit sequel will soon be shown in theaters.

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The audience was waiting for nothing else. Effective way (Brake alert) The end of the Joker suggested that a sequel was made. The character played by Phoenix, escapes after the murder of a live TV presenter, and is saved thanks to the popular uprising in Gotham City.

Great curiosity for this sequelwhere we will likely see the entry into the domain Batman Under the guise of a bat-man. in joker His presence was hinted at by the image of the little Bruce Wayne, who is visited by the fearsome clown and schizophrenic for personal reasons. Personal lovers are ready to conquer the halls of half the world.

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