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Sassari, Francesca Vinterlia is the protagonist of the Ariaferma story, nominated for 11 David

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Francesca Vinterlia is the only film actress nominated for a David Di Donatello Award.

Eleven nominations for David di Donatello – Oscars of Italian cinema – for ‘Ariaferma’ filmed at the end of 2020 in the former prison of San Sebastiano in Sassari. movie direct from Leonardo de Costanzo Set in an unnamed prison on the verge of closing, the film features an all-male crew and two exceptional heroes, Tony Servillo and Silvio Orlando. The only female role in the story, The director of the prison, played by Francesca Vinterlia, an actress from Puglia, since 2004 in the Turkish capital.

“Between my birth in Foggia, a Tuscan mother and a Neapolitan father – he says – pray a little confused but I now consider myself a Sardinian because the island has hosted me for a long time and has also given birth to a son.”. Theatrical actress since 2000, Francesca at Ariafirma tried her hand in front of the camera for the first time: “Compared to the theater, the times of acting are different but I did not find it very difficult, on the contrary I felt very free”. Nor did he feel intimidated by Servillo Orlando’s sacred beasts: “I am. Great professionals and exceptional people from a human point of view made me feel instantly at ease.”

He then invited the pagan actor Paolo Sorrentino Ventrilla to attend his scenes: “It was exciting. Seeing him act, I reaffirmed notions I already had inside like the need to maintain maximum focus while staying open to the “atmospheric factors” for the time being, the crew and the director.Clear thoughts of the latter about the direction to be given to Francesca’s character: “He wanted a firm character but with a certain humanity that was difficult to convey in the two modes he had.” Also because the third clip was cut during the editing stage because it would have already revealed at the beginning of the story the hidden dimension of the prison worker that Servillo made. As the heart of the inmates and their “parents” hide in action, to activate the narrative commentary; All factors that have Success from the premiere at the 2021 Venice Film Festival. “I didn’t notice the red carpet or the stars in attendance, I just wanted to see the filmAfter exploiting the lake, the long march in cinemas all the way to the heavy nominations for David like these for example for Best Film, Directing and Leading Actor.

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With repercussions also for the 49-year-old actress taken by an important Romanian film agency thanks to which she embarked on the path of complex auditions. “Living in Sardinia, instead of traveling, he sent self-taped tapes with a mobile phone.” Meanwhile, his name is among the filmmakers While continuing her theatrical career that started in 2000 with her brother Gaetano e Marco Sana, with whom he bestowed the creative body of the Sassari association “Meridiano Zero”, One of the most important regional and national realities of experimental theatre. Therefore, the passion for the scenes remains the same, as he received the infection from his father, who… Show her the videos of Eduardo de Filippo. “And I can only call my son after the great Neapolitan actorBut now he opened the way for the seventh art he intends to pursue:I have a great desire to act on set again. But I hope some Sardinian director will notice me.”

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