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Sabbadini: “I’m a different type of footballer. I don’t understand these injuries and they haven’t even convinced me.”

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Milan is faltering on its seasonal path After losing last night 3-1 Against Borussia Dortmund. Stefano Pioli’s side looked tired, frustrated and even more devastated after another muscle injury took their toll. Malik Thiaw. It is right and appropriate to focus on the sensitive topic of physical problems. After the German centre-back stopped, the number of Milan’s seasonal injuries rose to 26. Actually the former Schalke 04 He left last night San Siro on crutches: After injuries to Pierre Calolo, Pellegrino and Kjaer The Rossoneri’s defensive emergency is getting bigger and bigger. In fact, at this moment, The only central defenders available to Stefano Pioli are Fikayo Tomori and youngster Gian Carlo Simic Of the Primavera di Abate, which in all probability, After Traoré Last night, he will make his league debut on Saturday in the first leg against Frosinone by Francesco.

This instead comment, Exclusively by Giuseppe Sabbadini The former Rossoneri defender in the 1970s had this to say about the injury issue: “Maybe I came from another football match, but all these ‘tears’, muscle injuries, I never understood them, and they never convinced me. Some players may not put Milan’s interests first compared to their own. In my time this was not the case. The Rossoneri shirt was too important to always give 100%. the “Milan this season is objectively unrecognizable.”.

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