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Russia is outside the world. FIFA is only football with the help of the International Olympic Committee

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The International Olympic Committee led the way, and FIFA and UEFA followed suit. Outside Russia from sports and especially from sports that interest and are presented. Far from the Paralympics and major international tournaments, be it basketball (Milan had to play with Kazan) or volleyball (the World Championships scheduled in Russia in August). Banning football competitions. That is: the national team will not play the semi-final match with Poland on March 24 in Moscow for the play-off matches no later than Qatar 2022. So, goodbye to the world. Spartak Moscow will not play in the round of 16 of the European League with Leipzig. Kick to Russia, in every sense of the word. There were already several European countries (including England, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland) that had announced the loss of a potential challenge with the Russians. The agreement (for 40 million) between UEFA and Gazprom, the energy giant with influence in the Russian government, and the sponsor of the Champions League, is also missing. Today we do not ignore economic interests, but this time the European body left the bank account aside.

Scientist, sports scientist, who is thus leading a rebellion against Putin’s war. past to remember. Germany was excluded from the Antwerp (1920) and Paris (1924) Olympics after World War I. Germany and Japan were not invited to the 48th Games in London, and on the other hand, the Soviet Union preferred to postpone its entry to the Olympic Forum after the Olympics. In fact, there was a kind of exchange: a member proposed by the Soviets entered and the German von Halt left a Russian prison. After 74 years, the Soviet Union no longer exists, as well as Russia. A temporary farewell, as the International Olympic Committee expresses its hope that the situation will develop positively. He emphasized admiration for peace calls for Russian athletes. Valga that Daniel Medvedev, the new number one in the world of tennis. “I ask for peace in the world. I ask it in the name of all the children. Not really “Putin stopped” live, but approx. There are many athletes who have put their faces to it, including the Russians. The sport held their hand: for once the IOC didn’t waste any time, FIFA, slightly shaken by Sunday’s statement (there is no match in Russia and the national team called the RFU, the Football Association of Russia), felt the blood flow in their veins to support their votes. ball.

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The International Olympic Committee led the consortium with the statement that removed doubts from the interpretations: Putin deteriorated, withdrew the Olympic system, and recommended to everyone not to invite Russian and Belarusian athletes, managers and teams to the competitions. And where it was not possible, for legal reasons, to advocate to have them compete in anonymity: no flags, banners, hymns. Harsh decisions go hand in hand with the setback of not respecting the Olympic truce. Luca Pancalli, our Paralympic Committee president, recalled this: “The armistice ends on March 20, 7 days after the Paralympic Games ended. Seeing a country that only waited for the Games to end to cancel them is absurd. We are now in a context of anxiety and anxiety.” It is difficult for the FIFA President to match interests that span a diverse world: from Europe to China, from India to Africa. We are the usual: economic aspects and political alliances (read China with Putin) matter more than football. Unfortunately, the old boxing champion Jack Dempsey’s formula, re-launched after Hitler’s tenure, is no longer valid: “Let’s do more sports and there will be less wars.”

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