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Rosa and Olivero retire and become junior coaches at Migros Asiago

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Marco Rosa and Simon OliveroAfter a year away from training and matches on the ice, they announced the end of their career as an athlete and the start of a new chapter.

Marco Rosa, Italian-Canadian footballer Arrived in Asiago in 2017He immediately entered the hearts of the Giallorossi fans and was always respected and appreciated even by his opponents. The protagonist of winning his first Alpine Hockey League and two league titles, last season he was unable to get down on the ice with his teammates, and had to deal with a bad injury he sustained in May 2021 when he was engaged in the opener. The Italian national team match in the World Cup Championship for the first division.

Simone Olivero arrives in Asiago at the age of 17 to play in the Stellate youth teams. In 2014/15 he started playing in the First Division with the Lions, then after two seasons of Odegar with the Falcons Alvasa and Valplesi Bulldog, before returning to Asiago in 2017 ready to be part of a team thanks to his physical strength and Al Habibi has won a lot.
But a physical problem that kept him out of competition last season has now forced him to end his career. For both, however, the ice’s allure is still very strong, so starting next season, they’ll share the role of coaches for the 1935 Asiago Junior youth team.
Marco Rosa was also entrusted with the precise and prestigious mission Technical Director of the entire youth sectorwith the task of coordinating the various activities of coaches and teams, and also acting as an intermediary with the first team.

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So Marco and Simon remain in the big Asiago hockey family and from today they will work on developing the lions of the future.
The clubs Asiago Junior 1935 and Asiago Hockey 1935 wish in a note that each will fulfill himself in the role of coach and reap a lot of satisfaction in the future. He also thanked the companies in the note Marian Holaza Who trained Asian youth for ten years in the youth sector.

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